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June 30, 2008

Customer Testimonials

See what customers have to say about Judy Evans' Collection.

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joy said...

I purchased a necklace several months ago and it far exceeded my expectations. I will be ordering again!

Barb said...

It is not easy to find the right gift for the right person. This process has been simplified since I have been purchasing jewelry and pedastal plates from the Judy Evans Collection. Her one of a kind pieces make perfect gifts for all occasions. The recipients have all given rave reviews to their gifts. Thanks to Judy for making my gift buying experiences easy, fun and impressive.
Barb T.

Lou said...

I purchased a double strand czech cystals necklace which I initially thought was too showy but Judy said I needed to "think outside of the box". She was right and I love it and have received many compliments. My second necklace is a three- strand fresh water beige-taupe pearl necklance and matching earrings. I fell in love with the necklace as Judy was wearing that one at a show I attended and she graciously sold it to me. The earrings to match this piece was a "think outside of the box" due to its length. Again I have to thank Judy as since then, I have other earrings I've purchased and I love them all. Thanks Judy for letting me see the other side of myself. I think of you everytime I wear your pieces.

Debra said...

Love it....Love it....Love it.....but I think that's because I'm 'The Debra'. I feel like a celebrity. I've never been featured in writing before. Love you stuff...especially excited about your new line of plates. Think of you often and talk to you through brain waves when I'm at a really exciting [cheap] bead show.
From one beader to another..Good Luck

Judy Evans said...

Glad you liked your blog post, you are what started this obsession!
Love, Judy

London Fun Blogger said...

Lovely charming jewelry, especially the kids bracelets. The name beads were in particular fun for kids. Elegant blue theme.