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July 27, 2008

All About Etsy

A few days ago I had a wonderful surprise - Judy Evans' Collection was featured in a blog! Whitney at http://allaboutetsy.blogspot.com/ discussed me and my jewelry line, and added a few pictures.

All About Etsy is a great blog that talks about many of the wonderful shops found in etsy.com. There's also some great pictures by Whitney and a link to her photo shop. Please visit and and leave a comment for Whitney.

I'm very honored that someone would take the time and effort to promote my website - Thank you Whitney ~


tanyBUG said...

congrats on being featured!

Anonymous said...

Judy's creations are so unique, I've enjoyed their special flair. My first 'aquisition' was a necklace with an amethyst colored crystal and mother of pearl irridescent beads, never have I worn it that compliments are all around!! I've had the pleasure of 'parenting' some other treasures too!! My latest purchase was a pedastal plate that resembled a large magnolia blossom with a pewter edged design & pedastal--what a hostess gift, the recipient was over the moon with delight, the chocolates on the plate were secondary treats to the plate itself. Judy, you made me look really good with this one....Now I guess I have to see what the future hostess gift holds!!!!! Hee-Hee. Judy has some very special items and each evokes their own unique feeling. It is a pleasure to share my thoughts on Judy's treasures.