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July 1, 2008

Debra J

The first person to share has to be Debbie. I’ve known her all my adult life (and remember that I’m old enough to live in a senior community!). Sorry Deb, you're old enough to live here too!

Debbie and I were best of friends before children, during children rearing years, and as empty nesters. During the early days Deb & I did all sorts of crafts. We loved it when our husbands would spend days/weekends dirt bike riding or golfing. That was our time to bring out the paints and paint plaster of paris. (Remember those white things that people painted & stained?) We thought we were sooo talented!!!
We also frosted each other’s hair (now it’s called highlights). Did any of you do that too with the plastic caps that you pulled hair through? Debbie & I were so careful to only get tiny bits of hair rather than big clumps. We were stylin.

Debbie is responsible for getting me started in jewelry design. In the Fall of 2003 Bev, Debbie & I had a girls weekend at Debbie’s home in Las Vegas. We’d kind of lost touch because Debbie hadn’t lived locally in many years. It was so great to get back together again, and like all the other times when she'd been away, we were able to pick up right where we left off.

She could hardly wait to show me her new craft – jewelry making! I was so impressed – I was so naïve that I didn’t think everyday people could do that. She took me to her local bead store and I was hooked. We went back at least 3 times that weekend - here we were in Vegas and we spent our weekend making jewelry & going to the bead store! As soon as I got home, I went to my local bead store. I spent a fortune that weekend.

My husband reminds her that she started something that hasn’t stopped! He blames her for my obsession – fortunately he loves her as much as I do.

Debbie – you are the reason for my passion! I love you dearly.


Walk in the Woods said...

Well, Judy - I'll be back! It's the personal stories, such as the one you've shared here, that inspire return visits for me. I am reminded of the "Debras" in my own life as well as how I have played similar roles in the lives of others. Thank you for that.

So . . . congratulations on your maiden blog entry! You are off to fine, fine start!


I look forward to our next meeting!

Louise said...

Great work Judy!! i shall be bac to read more!

Judy Evans said...

Walk in the Woods & Louise - Thanks for your comments, please check back again to see who's featured next.

Pat said...

Judy is my “baby sister” and I believe she inherited her creative talent from our maternal grandmother. Grandma could make something functional as well as beautiful out of what many of us would throw away.

I live in the Pacific Northwest so I don’t get to visit with Judy as often as I would like. When and wherever we’ve met up I’ve looked forward to shopping with her for that special bead she was searching for whether it was in Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas or most recently, New York City. The best part is once we are back in her workroom and she lays out the pattern for the piece of jewelry she is designing I sometimes get to do the stringing….

Needless to say I’m happy that Judy is in the phase of her life that she can do what she has a passion for, which is creating beautiful items for all of us to enjoy!

Victoria Ann said...

Judy, You have the start of a beautiful blog.
I love your idea of naming pieces after inspirational people in your life.
We must keep in touch as we are both novice bloggers!

Kathy Martin Studio said...

I wonder when frosting became highlighting?


Anonymous said...

I was looking for some unique cake plates to display the cupcakes we're serving at our wedding. When Judy told me she only had one in the style I liked, she asked me about the wedding details, then designed three plates just for me! To top it off, she personally delivered them to me! Her creativity and generosity saved the day. Thanks Judy!!! Wendy M. NB, CA

Terri said...

Your blog looks great!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful work :)

Anonymous said...

You blog looks great and posting a comment was simple!


Anonymous said...

nice jewelry :)!

Anonymous said...


Great story about you and Debbie. Congrats on your jewelry line.


P.S. I miss our ornament exchange parties at Christmas time

Judy Evans said...

Do we really need to wait for Christmas for an ornament exchange? I hear alot about Christimas in July!

Thanks for the comment Monica! You're one of my special ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

Debra has always been in my mom's life and still is. Despite the miles between them, they still talk on the phone and plan visits to see each other. I grew up playing and spending time with her daghters in Southern California. Her daughter Nicole entertained me in Melbourne, Australia when I was visiting in 2004. This piece of jewlery is sophisticated and strong, like Debra. Another great work of art my mom has created...

Love, April