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August 1, 2008

April E

This necklace and earrings are named for my daughter April. Read on to see why she is so special!

When I’m with April I’m reminded of how important random acts of kindness really are –

Saying "Thank you" to a waitress filling your water glass, “Bless You” when you hear a sneeze, and eye contact and a smile to strangers as you pass by are just a few of the things I see and hear her do.

Because of April I try to acknowledge and show appreciation to those around me. She makes me realize that these small gestures are contagious; I hope it makes the people on the receiving end feel good.

As a mother, I of course have all kinds of stories about my daughter, however there is one that truly tells what a kind and giving person April has grown up to be.

Many of us have donated to local charities, left old belongings curbside for Good Will, and given money for various organizations at local shops and grocery stores. April took us beyond the convenient donation in a way that shaped lives forever.

When April was teaching in a low income school, she saw families that loved and sacrificed for their children yet struggled financially more than April had ever known. One Christmas she found a way to help these families in a very special way.

We got some gift cards and various gifts for a few of the families. She didn’t want them to know where the gifts came from, so Scott, a good friend of her brother Brad, delivered the gifts to the parents of these families on Christmas Eve.

Brad and April had such fun hiding so they could watch Scott when he delivered the gifts. They so enjoyed seeing the reactions of the parents as this 6’5” teenage stranger handed over presents and wouldn’t tell them who they were from!

To our knowledge, these families never knew who was responsible for their Christmas surprise – that’s what truly defines charity – doing it for the good and not the recognition.

That’s how April is. Mothers are supposed to inspire their children; however in my life it’s the daughter who inspires the mother.


Terri said...

What beautiful Jewelry!!

Anonymous said...

My mom is such an inspiration to me! Imagine leaving the stable 9 to 5 job to pursue jewelery making and other handicrafts in her 50s! You inspire me to follow my dreams and to create a path for myself. Your jewelry is beautiful, and so are you!

Love, April

Judy Evans said...

Who wouldn't be proud of this girl? I love you April ~

Amanda Pierson said...

Hello from Port Orchard!

Each time I wear one of the necklaces we made in Idaho, I think about you guys! Thanks again for being so wonderful(and for the beautiful jewelry, of course!)! April is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the opportunity to meet & it was really fun to read this blog about her!

Judy Evans said...

Hey Amaanda - Thanks for commenting, did you see your piece of jewelry on my website?

Idaho was such fun - this time last year we were still recuperating from a fun week!

Annette said...

So beautiful! A really great way to honor your daughter!

Judy Evans said...

Thanks, she's pretty special!

Lanyardlady said...

Judy, this is a beautiful necklace and your daughter must be beautiful inside and out. Thanks for sharing!