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September 16, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m sure that all of us have been touched by breast cancer, if not personally then by someone close. In one very small way, I show my support for breast cancer research by offering what I call “Breast Cancer Jewelry”. I carry Breast Cancer Jewelry throughout the year and donate a portion of the sales for breast cancer research.

As you all know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year millions of dollars are raised for breast cancer charities. Wearing pink shows your support and helps to remind women that early detection works.

For every piece of Breast Cancer Jewelry sold during the remainder of September and the entire month of October, I will donate 50% of the entire sale price for breast cancer research.

Please visit my site
www.judyevanscollection.com to see all the Breast Cancer Jewelry. You can choose from bracelets and purse bling. I have more pieces than is listed in my site, so if you don’t see something you like, please contact me. I’ll either get more listed or personally email you a picture. I will also design a custom piece just for you.
And remember, all my jewelry in the Breast Cancer line is one of a kind – I do not duplicate, so you will have an original piece. And all pieces in the Breast Cancer line will have either a sterling silver cancer ribbon or a ceramic bead with the pink ribbon.

I’ve had many customers who purchase Breast Cancer Bracelets and purse bling for someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Wearing attractive jewelry is just a small way that each of us can show support for breast cancer research.

So show your support – wear pink!


Leah said...

gorgeous pieces for a great cause!

Sedie said...

Great idea! Beautiful pieces.

Summer with PandaLoves said...

Wow your creations are beautiful!

Judy Evans said...

Thank you so much!

Tilly said...

Beautiful jewellery!