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September 30, 2008

You Name It!

As you may know, I name jewelry for ladies who have touched my heart. Some of these ladies are still active in my life. For others, even though I often think of them, we don't touch base often enough.

I have enjoyed naming jewelry for them, and the feedback I've received indicates that they too like feeling special!

Close friend, working friend, soccer mom or neighbor - we all have ladies in our lives who are special to us.

If you would like to honor your special lady, here's your chance to name a piece of jewelry for her. My jewelry is one of a kind, no one else will have one like it! Unless I have a custom order (such as a bridal party) I will never duplicate my jewelry. It is my policy to give all my customers a one of a kind original - just like your special lady!
Simply go to Judy Evans' Collection to purchase one of my un-named pieces of jewelry. In the comments section of your order include a few words about your special person. I'll name the piece for her and add your words to the description so she can see it. (When she looks at the item in the sold section the price is hidden.) And, I'll include a customized tag with your words in your order. Your jewelry will be shipped in a gift box with a beautiful bow.

These pictures are samples of the un-named jewelry in Judy Evan's Collection.


Ragtree said...


Your jewelry is beautiful. I can tell how much it means to you and that makes it even more special. I'm glad I found your blog :)


Judy Evans said...

Thanks Renee, please come back often!

Devin said...

Your jewelry is beautiful.You do such a great job.Thanks for sharing your blog with me I am following you know too:0)

Seaconnet Loft said...

Absolutely gorgeous jewelry! And you photograph the pieces soooo beautifully.

HoneyBearBeads said...

Love your blog! Awesome pics and beautiful jewelry!

Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

Your jewelry is beautiful, Judy!
I'm so glad I found your site - I clicked to follow it.
Thanks for your visit this morning and comment.
I look forward to your future visits to zany life + crazy faith.

Judy Evans said...

Thanks Judi, we'll have fun following each other!