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October 6, 2008

Crickett’s Answer for Cancer

Surviving My Daughter by Bonnie Julius

"On June 14, 2006, my life changed forever after a call from my daughter, Crickett. A lump discovered in her breast was believed to be cancerous even before tests confirmed it. ………"

As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm honored to have jewelry from Judy Evans' Collection included in a wonderful website that was created in memory of Crickett Julius, who passed away in October of 2006, 4 months after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 39.

"Early on, we designated a “Power room” in Crickett’s home where “Power hour” was held daily. This involved family and caretakers gathering to meditate, talk about how they were feeling, read cards and emails from well-wishers, and just have a peaceful hour with Crickett, ending in prayer.…….."

These excerpts are from a true story that will soon be posted on Crickett's Answer for Cancer website. It is written by Crickett's mother Bonnie Julius, from her perspective as Crickett's mother.

Bonnie, and Crickett's cousin and good friend Carole Trone, are co-founders of Crickett's Answer for Cancer. Carole will also have her story featured on their website.

Bonnie and Carole are dedicated to helping women who are fighting breast cancer. Their goal is to ensure that women with breast cancer have access to wigs, mastectomy products, facials, mastectomy massage, and other pampering services, as a way to feel feminine and beautiful despite losing their hair and/or breasts.

Please visit Crickett's Answer for Cancer. There you will have the opportunity to purchase items especially created to support breast cancer awareness. Your donations and/or purchases will make a difference in the life of a woman with breast cancer.

Shown here are only a few of the many fine things you'll find. Below are the artists and their websites who created the featured items shown here.

There are many more items and creative artists featured on Crickett's Answer for Cancer. There wasn't room here to feature them all, so please check them out.

Bonnie was kind enough to allow me a preview of her beautiful story from a mother's perspective. If Bonnie and Carol's stories are not yet posted when you visit their site, please return to Crickett's Answer for Cancer. You'll be glad you did!
"......Crickett’s Answer for Cancer stresses a committed and compassionate response to courageous breast cancer patients in our community. It not only celebrates the life of my daughter, Crickett, but also hopes to help women like her feel supported. We hope that Crickett’s story fosters these qualities in other women fighting the fight."


Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing our story. And thanks to anyone visiting our site www.crickettsanswerforcancer.org.

Bless you,
Bonnie Julius

Judy Evans said...

It's my pleasure to share your website. You and Carole are doing such a great job of honoring your daughter's memory and helping other breast cancer warriors.

Plaidfuzz said...

Wow, that brings tears to my eyes. :(

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a great theme for a blog, and a touching story-thanks for sharing.

Judy Evans said...

I'm glad you liked this blog, please check out www.cricketsanswerforcancer.org

It's a great website for a great cause.

tanyBUG said...

judy, this post really hits home with me. my mom was diagnosed at the age of 39 as well, luckily she is now caner-free.
You are doing a wonderful thing.

Judy Evans said...

Thanks tanybug however it's Bonnie & Carole who are doing a wonderful thing.