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January 8, 2009

More Palm Springs Jewelry

Here's more handmade jewelry made from my Palm Springs crystals. If you read my previous post, you know that I found some amazing ready-made elasticized bracelets in Palm Springs, CA. They were beautiful as they were, however they definitely weren't my style.

The shop owner was making some great deals, so I bought several with the intention of re-making them. I took apart the bracelets and created totally new and different jewelry.

These 3 pieces that I designed using my Palm Springs crystals can be seen in more detail on my Judy Evans' Collection 1000 Markets website. These crystals are absolutely beautiful. The finish on them is highly polished and very shiny. There are many, many facets that catch the light and really sparkle. I wish I'd bought more bracelets because I could really have fun with these treasures.

As you know I name jewelry after friends and family members who have impacted my life. Monica & Marty are 2 such people.

Monica & I go back about 30 years. There were 6 of us who got together about once a month. Cheryl was our foundation and the rest of us, Monica, Karen, Bev, Debbie & I looked to Cheri to keep us connected. It seemed that we were all different, yet very much alike. We were all young mothers at the time, some of us working full time, some part-time and some were stay at home moms. I admired these women because they all had strengths that I didn't. I still remember sitting in restaurants for hours sharing problems, laughing and sometimes shedding a few tears.

Monica was a single mother facing many of the challenges that many young single moms deal with. Her ability to overcome obstacles was amazing. I admire her tenacity and strength. This group of friends is a part of me even though some of us are not as strongly connected as we were many years ago. They helped me in more ways than I can count.

Monica's necklace and earrings are primarily black crystals with a few light yellow thrown in. There are several different types of Palm Springs crystals used in these pieces - round, small teardrops, and 2 sizes of diamond shaped crystals. The variety of shapes and sizes are interesting and add a unique look to the necklace.

Marty is one of my YaYa Sisters. If you remember the movie, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", you'll remember that it's a story of friendship that prevails through thick and thin.

I'm fortunate to have my own YaYa Sisters, Marty, Pat, Del & Janet. We see each other frequently, either one on one or altogether. When together we call ourselves "The YaYa's".

Like the women from the movie, Marty is strong, brave, loyal and a wonderful friend. She too was a single mom and raised 3 beautiful daughters. Marty is the kind of grandmother I admire. It's a joy to see the way her grandchildren show their love for her.

Marty's bracelet uses the round crystals in a dark orange. If you're familiar with Swarovski crystals, this color is called Indian Red. An oval Palm Springs crystal is in the center and smokey quartz and sterling silver comeplete the bracelet. A sterling silver chain is used to make this an adjustable size and there's a small dangle of 2 Swarovski crystals in Indian Red, a small smokey quartz bead and sterling silver spacers that finish off the chain.

I'm grateful that I've had these women in my life. I've always said that family and friends are my most valued asset.

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aprilevans1999 said...

What a beautiful writer you are Mom! You are lucky to have the Ya Ya Sisters in your life! These pieces with the Palm Springs Crystals turned out wonderfully. I'm so glad I was able to make it to the Palm Springs trip! Love you!