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May 9, 2009

What Is A Cake Stand?

Cake stands are sometimes called plate stands, pedestal plate stands, tiered cake plates and footed plate stands. There are probably many more names that I can't think of at the moment. Whatever you may call them, they're pretty, functional and always versatile. Sometimes a glass cover is used to protect the food placed on these cake or plate stands.

Cake stands aren't just for birthday cakes anymore! Depending on thier size, they can be used for many things. They show off the usual dessert items: muffins, pies, cup cakes and of course beautiful layered cakes. However, they also make a great display for everyday food like fresh fruit and veggies on your kitchen counter.

Try using a beautiful plate stand in your bathroom with potpourri, guest soaps and even paper hand towels for guests. They make a great addition to your bathroom counter because they're elevated. The height allows better use of what is many times limited counter space in guest bathrooms.

Plate stands are multi-functional and can also be used for candles or a place to drop your mail. They're a lovely decorator piece on your bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity to use for your jewelry. They're especially good for the lady who wears the same jewelry every day, because she can set it on the plate stand at night and know where it is in the morning when she's ready to put it on again.

I've shown you a few pictures of empty plate stands that are very colorful and fun to use. In my next post I'll show some pictures of creative ways to use your plate stands.

I'd love to hear some ideas from you. Do you even have a plate stand? What have you used it for?


deandean said...

looking at your collection, I can see that you're really enjoying what you do because it shows. they're all beautiful works of art! The cake stand on top is really gorgeous!

Judy said...

Thank you, I really love my life and am so glad that I have the opportunity to do what I do. Please stay tuned to find out what to do with plate stands!

jessica said...

they are lovely stands. it gives me idea to build my own stand with a special plate and some sort of nice base...have to find the right glue.

Judy said...

Finding the right base can be a challenge - Good Luck!

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