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May 12, 2009

What To Do With A Cake Stand

It's obvious that a cake belongs on a cake stand. And you're probably familiar with using them for cookies, muffins and other bakery goods. Small plate stands are also used for other food items like cheese balls, crackers, candy and other tasty dishes.

But, it's not all about food when it comes to using cake plates. They make unique and functional decorator items that can be used in every room of your home.

Your guest bathroom is the one room that visitors have complete carte blanche to view in private. How you decorate this room gets noticed! In this picture I set some lovely bath products on a beautiful plate stand for guests to use.

A plate stand is really very functional on a small counter because the added height allows you to make better use of counter space.

Did you notice that I called it a plate stand instead of cake plate? Don't serve dessert in the bathroom!!!

Kitchen counters easily get crowded and using a plate stand is a way to better utilize limited counter space. Fresh fruits and vegetables are lovely to look at, and keeping them handy reminds us to eat them more often.

At the end of the day this is a great place for men to drop their wallet, coins and whatever else they carry in their pockets.

Place a plate stand in a handy place, here it's on my husband's bedroom dresser. It's a convenient place for him, and he knows where to find everything in the morning rush to get out the door.

And ladies, here's an idea for you! Whether used on your bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity, a small plate stand is a great place to put your jewelry at the end of the day. It's a much safer place to temporarily set your earrings, necklace, rings, watch & bracelets - and it won't get swept into the sink or fall on the floor never to be seen again!

Whatever you call them - cake stand, cake plate, plate stand, pedestal plate stand, tiered cake plate or footed plate stand - really they're all the same.

It's what you do with them that puts your personal stamp on it. Be creative and, as they say "Think outside the box!"

All of the plate stands shown here are available to purchase, however they're not all on my website.
If you'd like more information about them, please email me at judy@judyevanscollection.com.


The Holistic Diva said...

Great, creative ideas for using a cake plate. Love them.

Judy said...

Thanks, they're fun to use!

ITIL assessment said...

Nice us of it you have such a some thing new and creative ideas.