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June 25, 2009

How To Store Jewelry

As I was cruising etsy.com I ran across a few great ways to store your jewelry.

The first one is from Jewelry Holders For You. Marla and her husband Frank make these great jewelry racks that hang on the wall. They're made from hardwoods and will hold up to 100 pair of earrings. These are functional as well as beautiful.

Ginny at Timberline Treasures specializes in handmade bags, purses and pillows sewn from Pendleton blanket weight wools and western & cabin tapestry fabrics. This beautiful jewelry tote bag is from Pendleton blanket weight wool. This would be great gift. I love the colors and the way it’s constructed.

Here's a jewelry pouch from Greenwillow Crafts. It's small enough to tuck in to a small space in your suitcase. It's padded and easy to use - plus it's really cute. Makes a great girl friend gift!


New Dimension Wood Design said...
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New Dimension Wood Design said...

Judy, It's lovely to see our item photo on your Blog! We are thrilled that you have found us on Etsy where we have only sold our items the last couple of months. Our items have been very popular on eBay for almost 5 years now. Customers are usually extremely happy with their purchases, so much they come back to buy them to give as gifts. I actually own both of the other style jewelry holders you are spotlighting, they are so great for traveling :- ) Thanks again, we look forward to future correspondence with you :- )
Frank & Marla
Owners- New Dimension Wood Design
eBay: newdimensionwooddesign
etsy: JewelryHoldersForYou