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June 8, 2009

What's Your Pleasure When It Comes To Jewelry?

Do you like big & bold?

How about small & petite?

Do you prefer jewelry that's barely noticed or do you want it to demand attention?

Is your style eclectic and you like variety?
Or are you pretty consistent with your jewelry?

I’m getting pretty good at identifying a women’s style. It’s interesting to observe my customers at craft shows and boutiques and ask these questions.

It’s easy to identify someone who always wears big & bold by their make-up or hair style because hair and make-up are usually pretty much consistent from day to day – not always, but usually.

I’ve learned that someone with no jewelry on doesn’t mean that they don’t usually wear it. I know I’m not the only one who’s left the house with a bare neck, ears or wrist. It’s these ladies that are more of a challenge for me to identify. However I’m learning to make the right call with these women too. Sometimes I’m wrong, but more times than not, I get it right.

Occasionally someone will say that their mood determines what kind of jewelry they wear.
Personally my style is eclectic although it’s not usually my mood that dictates my choice of jewelry, it’s usually what clothes fit me best that day as I’m always trying to look thinner than I actually am! Sometimes a strong necklace looks better with what I have on and other times just a modest pair of earrings work best. I’m comfortable in both and love to mix it up from day to day.

I consider my line of jewelry to be eclectic and always love it when ladies try something on that is a bit different than their normal look. I encourage everyone to push the envelope just a tad. It’s very rewarding to hear from a customer that has purchased something that’s out of the norm for them and thank me for suggesting that they step outside their comfort zone.

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