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July 17, 2009

So Many Online Places To Buy Jewelry & Plate Stands

Out of all the online selling venues I've seen, I like 1000markets.com the best, and coming in a close 2nd is etsy.com. I also have shops on madeitmyself.com and shophandmade.com. However my domain name points to 1000markets.com shop because the overall feel is clean and professional. 1000markets.com is relatively new and is expected to be the number one online shopping site for handmade items. My personal opinion is that it will be Numero Uno very soon!

I just re-designed my 1000markets.com site hoping to make it easier for customers to see the variety of items available for sale. Wish there was a way to determine the best layout, I suppose the amount of sales is the true determining factor. I'll have to wait and see if Mrs. Joe Public buys more jewelry and plate stands because of the new look!

Here are the most recent necklaces listed in my shops ~
A lot of my jewerly is named for special people in my life. Sara's Marcasite Necklace is named for my great-niece. This reminded me of Sara because it is simply a STAR - Just like her!
The Purple Moon Necklace features a Swarovski button that is amazing. The color is primarily purple, however depending on the light it has blue and amber also. It's stunning!

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