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January 25, 2010

Do You Have Electricity?

If you have electricity then you may have noticed how boring plastic cover plates can be. Most of us have the basic biege or white switch plates and they're probably a rocker or toggle style.

Mosaic switch plates are unusal, unique and undoubtedly decorative. They are such a great way to add color to your room.

Some of my handmade mosaic switch plates are dressy, others are bright and colorful.

Some are whimiscal and others add formality.

Some blend with your decor and others stand alone.

They're great for any room in your home - family room, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc. Notice in some of these pictures how they add to the wall grouping and how the plain white switch plates look so boring?

I'm in the process of making some with brightly colored glass that would be great for a child's room. Another one that I'm working on has cute little doggies on them - great for dog lovers!

Mosaic light switch plates can be made to order and are available in any style - toggle, rocker, outlet, dimmer, etc.

There are a few of them on my website, http://www.judyevanscollection.com/; however there are a lot more that are either not photographed yet or are still in the making. New ones will be added soon, so please check back often.


The Poet or Not said...

Judy, I love your switchplates. If I didn't already own two that are in the style of "bookcases" I would purchase a couple. I live in a high-rise of section eight housing for the elderly and disabled. I'm 51 years old and disabled. I am a collector of books, lots and lots of books. So, these switch plates really suit my style.

But, I haven't a fancy plate for my bathroom switchplate! I will be marking your site so I can choose one! The only other switchplate in my apartment is hidden by a bookcase. The part for the switchplate is cut out from the back of the bookcase but it can't be seen. boo hoo Otherwise, I would choose something pretty for that one too!

Judy Evans said...

Check out my website now. I have many, many more listed!