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January 11, 2010

I've Been Wanting To Do This For A Long Time!

In July 2009 I took a mosaic class while visiting my daughter April. We loved the experience and both came away hooked on mosiacs.

Our instuctor, Laurel Skye, is an amazing artist. She lives with her mosaics, however her home is also a museum, store, and workshop. Everywhere you look there are objects transformed from their original use to a piece of art. Mosaic'd shoes, a bathtub like you've never seen before, masks, clocks. And you should see her floors - they're beautiful and certainly not boring! And when you least expect it, you see more - like the mosaic mannequins wearing hats!

Most of us couldn't live in this surrounding, but it works for Laurel and her daughter Kiah.

April & I made trivets in her class. Something simple that allowed us to learn technique. We learned how to cut glass & ceramic tiles, prime, use mastic, grout and finish off mosaic projects.

We completed our trivets in class and could hardly wait to do more. My first project on my own was a switch plate cover.

I loved the switch plate cover so much that I decided to add it to my line. Judy Evans' Collection now has switch plate covers! Next time I'll show you pictures of them. For now I'll just let you see my trivet and my very first switch plate.

To learn more about Laurel Skye and see pictures of her home, please visit her website http://web.me.com/laurelskye

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