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January 4, 2010

Something New From Something Old

The beginning of a new year always motivates me to think about how to make my business more successful. This year my focus is to update some of the jewelry I've had for a while that hasn't yet sold.

I started with earrings for two reasons - they were sitting out on their display rack and they're easy to remodel. Necklaces and bracelets won't be as easy to change because I'll have to totally re-do them, so earrings it is!

The earrings on the right are the old ones that I remodeled. I added wirewrapped freshwter pearls and Swarovski crystals to each chain link to give them a cascading look.

Each dangle is wirewrapped. I like the way wirewrapping looks and it keeps the dangles secure.

The earrings on the left are the remodeled pair. I loved the wirewrapped clover leaf on the bottom, so I enhanced it to look like chandeliers. I wirewrapped Swarovski crystals to each loop of the clover.

I'll post more of the re-do's later. I spend more time photographing and updating my webpage than I do actually making jewelry. Creating beautiful jewelry is much more fun!

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