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February 2, 2014

Decorating Update

We've been in our new home for 2 months now and the guest room is finished except for the shutters. We're shopping for shutters for the entire house and are just about ready to order them.  It's taken awhile to decide because they had to pick me up off the floor when I got the first bid!  I knew they were expensive but when it's coming out of our pocketbook it seems really expensive.

Our master bedroom has been painted and the final touches are nearly finished.  We still have the master bath to do.  And I still need a headboard and possibly another dresser.  Living in a small town doesn't offer a lot stores so my daughter and I are considering taking a few days for an out of town shopping trip.  She wants to go to an Ikea and I want HomeGoods.

If you've never been to a HomeGoods store you're in for a treat.  They're a discount store owned by TJ Maxx.  There's an upscale feel to the store and they have all things related to homes - kitchen items; bed & bath; furniture; area rugs; pet items; and more things than I can mention!  Check out their website  http://www.homegoods.com.

I'm getting over whelmed with decorating ideas running amuck in my brain.  I skip to what to do in the kitchen - then what color for the living room - then to wallpaper or stencil - then to wood floor choices.  Does this happen to everyone when they move to a new home?  It's hard to stay focused on one project at a time.

I've decided that I want to stencil the master bedroom water closet/potty room, probably the one wall seen from the main bathroom.  It will be a subtle blue on blue.  Here are a few of the patterns I like.  I found these on etsy.com, https://www.etsy.com.

 OMGstencils from etsy.com        OMGstencils
This pattern is from OMGstencils on etsy.com

This pattern is from RoyalDesignStencils on etsy.com. 

Just click on their names to see more stencil styles that they offer.  Stenciling is a way to truly customize your home with color and design.  And it's relatively easy.

I still need to make stained glass light switch covers for the guest room and our bedroom.  However in reality it will probably be a while before that happens.  Like the busy cobbler who didn't have time to make shoes for his children, I've been too busy making switch plates for customers that I don't have time to make them for my home.  Here are some of the stained glass mosaic switch plates that I've made for customers:


To see more of my stained glass & mosaic light switch covers go to Judy Evans' Collection

Well, it's time to start working so I'll say so long for now!

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